After years of fending for themselves in the streets and alleys of Jacmel – diseased, hungry and aimless – the boys at The Clermont Center now receive regular meals, shelter, clothing and enrollment in school.

Most important, they gain a sense of family and brotherhood as they sing and pray together before meals, play soccer at the beach or simply fetch water together. Thanks to the consistent presence and support of the staff, many of whom live at The Clermont Center, the boys have gained opportunities for success that would not be available to them living on the streets.

The earthquake has left much of Jacmel destroyed and The Clermont Center was damaged considerably. Thankfully, all of the children and staff survived but they are currently sleeping in the yard. Your generous contribution will go directly to rebuilding the house, food, water, supplies and helping other children of Jacmel in need.

The center relies solely on fundraising and private donations to operate. All board members volunteer their time and, as a result, there is no administrative overhead. All donations go directly to the childrens.

What we do …

Thankfully, all of the children

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